Personal lubricants are the quickest, easiest, and often the most effective solution to dryness problems during foreplay and lovemaking. Even if you don’t think you need lube, you may be surprised at what it can do for your sex life.

There are a few different options when choosing lube but we only sell the best; water based lubricants.

Water based lubricants are recommended by doctors and health care workers.  They are considered safer and better than the old style oil based lubricants. Water based lubricants don’t damage condoms and they flush out of, and off of, the body more easily than oils. As an added advantage, water based lubes are completely condom compatible.

Intimate Lube™ original formula is formulated from the highest quality ingredients. Gynecologist recommended.
Intimate Lube™is designed specifically to enhance the pleasure of intimacy. Clean, odourless and water-based.
Intimate Lube™ is silky smooth, ultra long lasting and latex compatible. It simulates the body’s own lubricating fluids. This enhances pleasure during lovemaking by reducing friction, increasing motion, and further limiting possible damage to sensitive genital tissue.

A wide selection of lubricants are available which vary in texture, smell, colour, taste and flavour. Personal Lubricants usually come in three variations of bases: water, silicone, and oil.

When practicing safer sex while using condoms, water-based or silicone-based lubricants are your only options. Oil-based lubricants break down latex condoms, rendering them useless in the prevention of HIV and STD’s. Intimate Lube™ may be applied at any time before and during any sexual activity. The amount of product used depends on desired effect.

Apply Intimate Lube™:
To the inside of a condom. Fill the nipple of the condom with Intimate Lubel™.
This will create a more natural feeling while wearing a Condom.
Do not lubricate the penis before putting on the condom because it may cause the condom to slip off into the vagina.
To the outside of a condom, covering the penis.
On or around the clitoris Around the outside of the vagina, anus or penis.


Intimacy Kit™ encourages safe sex & healthy choices through education and information.