Intimacy Kit reminds and encourages you to always practice safe sex.


Intimacy Kit™ Now with Trustex for  protection & Wet Ones Wipes to clean up before & after sexual activity! Be Safe & Clean!


Intimacy Kit™ Includes:

Intimate Lube


Trustex Lubricated condoms are traditional latex condoms which are longer than average, with an average girth size. These condoms are of a medium thickness, are naturally colored and they have a water-based lubricant and a reservoir tip. READ MORE >>>



The research team here at Intimacy Kit has searched the planet to find the best wet wipes around for those before and after sexual activity clean ups,and we did! Wet Ones Intimate Wipes™ are specifically designed for freshening up before and after sexual activity. These intimate wipes are made of a soft fabric and contain a special cleansing formula that includes skin-conditioning botanicals like chamomile and aloe. Because the wipes are designed for use on sensitive areas, they are both alcohol free and hypoallergenic. And to ensure that disposal is quick, easy, and discreet, they’re also flushable.READ MORE >>>



Intimate Oral DamsIntimate Oral Dams


Most men and women do not understand the risk they may be exposing themselves to when engaging in unprotected oral sex. During oral sex, unless a barrier product is used, many infections can be transmitted, including genital herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhoea and AIDS. Intimate Oral Dams™, when properly used, help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Intimate Oral Dams™ are a ultra thin, silky 6″x10″ sheet of flavored natural latex,specially designed as a barrier for use while performing cunnilingus or anilingus (rimming)Intimate Oral Dams are LGBT friendly and can be used on men too for anilingus. (vaginal & anal oral sex). READ MORE >>>


Intimate Condoms


Enjoy your most intimate moments even more with the Trustex Aloe Water-based lubricant! This special aloe enriched formula creates a very soothing, natural feeling and ensures extremely pleasurable sensations.READ MORE >>>




Intimate Vibe RingIntimate Vibe Ring


The hottest new craze in sexual satisfaction…for both partners!! The new Intimate Vibe Ring™ is a soft non-toxic silicone ring with a vibrating stimulator. It is designed to enhance the intimate pleasure of both partners and is safely powered by a small battery which can last up to 45 minutes. The Intimate Vibe Ring™ may be used with or without a condom. READ MORE >>>




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"We are a couple that has fantasized of swinging but were afraid of catching something,what a smart & fabulous way to enrich our sexuality ,our intimacy and prevent STD's,love it"!  Sarah & Ted




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"I love this site  because it is one of the few places that even acknowledges the simple reality that teenagers are capable of being sexually active, and therefore need the education to keep themselves safe. More than that, Intimacy Kit's attitude is to RESPECT that need, and to empower each person--of any age, gender, or orientation--to be in control of their own personal decisions, fully armed with accurate information and the right tools to stay safe" Jane


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Guy Dating

Having safe sex means using a condom regardless of whether they feel great or not. You can’t take a risk to have a more natural feeling. But Intimacy Kit completely changed my perspective. I no longer have to make a trade off to be safe. The girls love the oral dams and the vibrating ring and cant wait to try them out! The Wet Ones Wipes are perfect for clean ups in the car,boat,bedroom,office etc.And adding the dating site was a brilliant way to remind us! Jack-Miami,Fl


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 I value my body and love that the Intimacy Kit  is a reflection of my beliefs.When dating someone new, there are no compromises. And with the oral dams its so great to be able to get oral sex as a woman too and have no headaches or regrets! Jillian-Toronto,Canada


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