The USPTO has given INTIMACY KIT & THE INTIMATE KIT trademark registration numbers  3595585 & 3600280. The current US status of these trademarks is CONTINUED USE AND INCONTESTIBILITY ACCEPTED. Furthermore, the CIPO has given the trademarks serial numbers TMA733325 for “INTIMACY KIT” & TMA733313 for “THE INTIMATE KIT”.

The trademarks are filed in the category of Medical Instrument Products. The description provided to the USPTO for INTIMACY KIT & THE INTIMATE KIT is condoms; wet wipes, namely, pre-moistened disposable wipes impregnated with chemicals or compounds for personal hygiene use; lubricants, namely, water and/or silicone-based personal lubricants, namely, vaginal lubricants; and latex dams, sold together as a unit.” As the owner of these trademarks, we have the right to proceed strictly under the law at all levels against any violation and infringement or any attempt of violation and infringement by any person or any entity.